We’re Cooking!

Though I said there would be no final pics until we’re finished with the kitchen, I couldn’t help but post a few pics of our new kitchen island/breakfast bar. Steve and I cooked dinner last night and breakfast this morning in our kitchen, which was very, very exciting. So, we’ll have to rip everything apart one last time next week to have the floors installed, but this weekend is humming along smoothly.

A few other things:

  • I am quilting the happy table runner, my first legitimate machine quilting project. So far, things are going along great!
  • I bought lots of Amy Butler fabric yesterday to make some of the table runners featured on her new software.
  • The wedding season kicks off for me officially today: I’ll be heading to a bridal shower in the next few hours. We have three weddings this summer and I am really looking forward to all of them! It’s also fun to be an “old married person,” since Steve and I look like experts on marriage to our engaged friends.
  • Oh, and school is in session. I have been avoiding studying for comps or my class, but tomorrow I’ll have to start getting organized. In one month, I’ll be taking comps.

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