Crafty Tour

Though I realize it was nearly a month ago, I made a pilgrimage to many different fabric stores in May. I absolutely love that people are willing to open these boutique-style fabric stores and am absolutely inspired by all of their ideas and motivation. While my home base is Cloth and Bobbin in Narberth, Pa., I visited Spool in downtown Philly, Purl Patchwork in NYC, and Crafty Planet in Minneapolis.

It’s so interesting to see the different types of fabrics each store had. I loved the open and airy feel of Spool, the cozy and cramped feeling of Purl Patchwork, and the funky feel of Crafty Planet.

At Spool, I bought a pattern for a really cute lunch bag (that I need to finish!) and gushed about the number of birds I have made from the free pattern to the owner, at Purl Patchwork I only looked around–it was pretty busy–but admired the samples of the projects from Patchwork + Quilted Gifts, and at Crafty Planet I enjoyed all of their fun and funky fabric and embroidery patterns. I am thinking of making some online purchases at these places soon!

Finally, let me gush for a minute about my wonderful fabric store. I absolutely adore Cloth and Bobbin and credit the place with getting me inspired to sew again. I have enjoyed every trip to my store and can’t wait to go buy more fabric there!

Hopefully I’ll have new fabric store adventures soon!


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