The Art of Home

If you know me or have read this blog from time to time, it’s obvious that I enjoy some of the old-fashioned joys of homemaking. While I am career driven and enjoy traveling, I value my nest above all else. After all, I bought my first house at twenty four because I was so anxious to have a place I could call home.

I really like this reflection from Sandi Henderson, which she posted on her blog last week. While I am eternally grateful for the feminist revolution that allowed women to be in the place they are today, I can’t help but sometimes think that the simple home-making matters that women have been doing for ages have lost their value in our society. I agree with Sandi that homemaking does not have to be gender driven and does not apply to only those who stay home full time. (Oh, and I can’t believe how many of the blogs I read involve women living or interested in living in Portland, Ore. Having spent lots of time there growing up, I love the place–but maybe not so much the weather.)

I am very proud to be working on my nest right now (we have a new faucet and lighting!) and I am very grateful for the crafty/back to basics blogosphere, Martha Stewart, and everyone else who values the importance of home and homemaking.


1 thought on “The Art of Home”

  1. You are right. The heart is in the home, and it is fun to make it a special place. You are wise beyond your years!

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