Whirlwind Weekend

I planned to have a crazy May, but this month has turned out to be more action-packed than I could have predicted.

Steve and I ran around frantically earlier in the weekend, trying to come up with some respectable outfits for a cocktail party (and also prepared for many upcoming formal events this summer). After three or four trips out to different shopping areas, we came away victorious. I was able to coordinate all of my accessories, not a bad feat for me! And Steve found some super-dapper outfits, which help disguise his usual jean-wearing self.

Our Modest Garden
Our Modest Garden

We also got our hands dirty in the garden, planting annuals. I am am excited too because we bought a hanging basket (something I have wanted to do for awhile) and hung it over a garden eyesore.

Finally, we’re redoing our kitchen (on a small scale, at least)! We spent some time scouting out our projects yesterday and hope to start and finish the project in the next three weeks. Needless to say, it may be awhile before I get back into my sewing projects.

And in a few hours, we’re off to the Phillies game!

With June starting tomorrow, I hope that June and July can calm down a bit so I can make it through my final graduate school class. We’ll see!


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