Organization is Bliss

After, let’s say, three or four months of working on projects in chaos, I finally got my work space organized. It involved a lot of tossing, recycling, and labeling. Given that my love for sewing has reached new levels this year, I started to accumulate a lot of stuff and my sewing basket that was broken was really not doing the trick.

I am really excited with my storage solution for all of that stuff. Thanks Ikea!


I like this little storage chest because it’s compact. I can store each little sewing item in a separate drawer, like colored thread, neutral thread, zippers, scissors, etc. I do wish Ikea had sold it as a constructed piece because the “assembly required” almost killed Steve.

Here’s to a few months (at least, I hope) of organization!


1 thought on “Organization is Bliss”

  1. I dream of my own craft room thats completely organized and always set up and ready to start on sewing, scrapbookng, painting, or whatever 🙂

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