At Last: My Quilt Pictures

Steve, the household hero, fixed the computer today. Thank goodness! The virus was starting to make us both very crabby. He is continuing his role as super husband by building this little storage container I bought at Ikea. Steve, extra love for you today!

The Summer Quilt
The Summer Quilt

As mentioned this week, I finished my summer quilt on Sunday. I ended up tying the quilt, which took a lot of time. I may have been better off learning how to machine quilt for this one. Anyway, it’s now done and I love it! I used extra thin cotton batting  so we can sleep under it all summer long.

Glad Orange Fur Doesn't Show!
Glad Orange Fur Doesn't Show!

I am learning that each large project I take on takes me about four months to finish. I could get them done faster, but this timeline lets me take my time so I don’t get sloppy and/or sick of it. I am in love with the fabrics for the quilt, I like the nature theme of leaves and flowers. Pink and green have been the bedroom color scheme since we got married, and I am still in love with the colors in our bedroom.


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