Stupid Virus and Many Projects Ahead

I hoped to post a picture of my finished summer quilt. I finished it yesterday and slept under it last night. Unfortunately, our main computer became infected with a virus and is now under siege. Fortunately, Steve is taking care of it!

Therefore, since I don’t have pictures to post since I am on my laptop from the old college days, I can’t share a whole lot today. I am hoping to post everyday for awhile since I have ample time now.

In addition to sharing the summer quilt, I hope to also share the project I completed for my mom for Mother’s Day soon too. I was really excited about giving it to her and am so happy to be able to post it now that she’s opened it.

As I am rambling, I thought I should list the projects I am currently working on and intend to post about soon:

  • A lunch bag. I bought the pattern and fabric at Spool. I bought Jay McCarroll fabric for the exterior of the bag.
  • A clutch (or two). I have several weddings this summer and could not find the right clutch for my outfits when out shopping. I never have the right accessories for my fancy outfits so I am determined to put together stellar ones this year.
  • A crocheted shoulder bag. I started this on the Vermont road trip and am still working on it. I bought some lining fabric this weekend and hope to use the bag in the fall.
  • My felted sushi bag. It’s knitted/crocheted. Now I just have to pop it into the washing machine.
  • Napkins. We’re visiting friends in Minneapolis for Memorial Day and I thought it would be a nice “thank-you” token.
  • The color wheel quilt. Hmm . . . better keep working on that one. I purchased more white fabric yesterday for it since I didn’t anticipate the size of the thing when I began.

Anyway, lots to do!


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