It’s May!

Though April wasn’t too bad, I think the last week’s heat made the month come to a crawling end. However, now it’s May! I think I have been dreaming of the month of May since last summer, when I decided to up the ante with graduate school and take seven credits a semester. Though I have one final class to finish this summer, May means no more statistics! Well . . . kind of, since I have a stat final and paper due next week the class technically goes into May, but not enough to count.

Because of this months-long countdown, Steve and I have waited on taking trips until school winds down. And now that I am almost there, I am starting to imagine all of the fun to come. May alone includes:

  • A trip to NYC to visit friends and family (I am hoping to get to Purl, the new Lion Brand Yarns store, and some beading stores. And yes, also the Brooklyn Brewery).
  • A trip to Minneapolis to visit great family friends and meet up with my parents in the middle of the country. (I am hoping that our midwest meet-ups will become commonplace.)
  • A Phillies game with my newly turned seventeen-year-old bro-in-law. It’s amazing to think Steve and I have baby brothers who are really growing up. My baby bro turns 21 this summer and Steve’s will be a high-school senior. Considering I knew the kid at nine, I am in disbelief that he went to his junior prom last weekend, is taking the SATs today, and will be applying to colleges next year.
  • And last, but not least: many, many quiet nights watching baseball games, going on walks, and sewing to my heart’s content. I can get started on my post-grad school to-do list soon!

Good thing I made this list, as I have to start writing my stat paper soon. I need to keep all of the fun things to come in mind as I power through one final week of school.


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