Some More Birds and One Quadrant Complete

I had a great weekend. It was sunny and warm, and I had the opportunity to hang out with old and new friends.

It was also a productive weekend, with Steve and I tending to our garden by putting in new edging, maintaining our diets, and stocking up on warm-weather duds.

I also had the chance to watch some sports yesterday and work on many sewing projects. The best part of my sports/sewing day was the amount of work I got done. I started a new project (I’ll post on that later), finished some more Spool birds, tied more of the summer quilt, and completed the first quadrant of my color wheel quilt. Needless to say,  I dreamed in fabric patterns last night! (And yay for the Philly sports teams! Every team won!)

Here are some pictures from my day:

Spool Birds in the Hallway
Spool Birds in the Hallway
The Magenta-Red Quadrant
The Magenta-Red Quadrant

I’m ignoring graduate school demands tonight to keep working on my color wheel. More pics to come . . .


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