My New Martha Stewart Book

For some reason, this week has been pretty ho-hum for me. I can’t pinpoint the reason (maybe the semester running long, maybe the rainy weather, maybe coming back to reality after a trip away). In any case, this week called for some retail therapy and a Friday mental-health day (which I received with my boss’ blessing.)

As I was sulking about midway through the week, I stumbled across some press for Martha Stewart’s new book: Martha Stewart’s Encyclopedia of Crafts. Given my belief in retail therapy and love of all things Martha, I decided to seize the moment and bought the new book on Amazon, and with my Prime account (thanks Dad!), it arrived yesterday.

I have already paged through the book and my head is turning over many ideas. I haven’t been crafting much (sewing more) so this will be a fun book to spur some inspiration for new projects. I love that this book features some of my favorite Martha craft ideas from previous magazine issues, and I also love that there are projects I have never seen before. I can’t wait to try out some of the ideas and showcase them here.

Hopefully by the end of the weekend I’ll be back to cheerful and optimistic Nat!


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