Driving Trip: Middlebury, Burlington, Clinton, Hamilton, and Ithaca

In just three days, Steve, Joe, and I traveled to several beautiful locales in the Northeast to visit small liberal arts colleges, as Joe is a junior in high school and his college adventure is not far away! This trip was particularly exciting for me because I got to visit Vermont for the first time ever, see one of my best friends from college, and spend a day in my college town, Ithaca. We covered 1,000 miles and the weather for our trip was perfect! We had a few overcast skies on Thursday as we trekked to Vermont, but Friday and Saturday were spectacular.

I can’t believe how picturesque Middlebury College, Hamilton College, and Colgate University are. They are all in small towns but their charm is irresistable. While touring these colleges I almost wanted to go back in time, but, alas, I am pretty happy where I am in life right now.

In addition to the college tours, highlights of our trip included: yummy meals (we had fried squash blossoms filled with garlic and drizzled with honey in Burlington, black and white cookies in Hamilton, and black rice pudding at Moosewood in Ithaca), lots of walking excursions, and a trip to our favorite beer store where we made mix-six packs. I’ll post more on my exciting finds on the trip later this week.


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