Spring Projects

So far, this mid-March weekend has been perfect. Despite the so-so weather, I am well underway in coming up with some new projects and the baseball season is not far away!

Though I haven’t finished tying my summer quilt, I have not prevented myself from starting other new projects. I figure if I can plug away at the summer quilt in the next few weeks I’ll be done in no time. Therefore, given that spring is on the horizon, I am starting my “spring” projects (with the intention that I can finish them while it’s still spring). The first project is making a new bag, and yesterday I bought some great fabric by Amy Butler (in her August Fields collection) and Joel Dewberry (in his Ginseng collection). I am going to make the swing bag that I made for my mom in January because I love its size and shape.

My other big project that I am really excited to work on is the color wheel quilt in Joelle Hoverson’s Patchwork + Quilted Gifts book. I have always loved color wheels and I have the perfect place in my house to hang this quilt. I hope I can finish it by summer. The pics above are a peek at how the progress of cutting out colors (I need 52!) is going. Clearly, Napoleon is very involved in this project.

Finally, I have some good news to share! Our friends Jimmy and Julia got engaged last night! Congratulations!


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