A Beautiful Day

Wow! We had such a gorgeous day today!

Spring (well, we’re not quite there yet, but you know what I mean) is such a great time of year. For a significant number of weeks after the last deep freeze of winter, every nice day outside is worth a comment. Considering our snow storm on Monday, it is absolutely amazing to have sixty-degree plus temperatures in less than a week.

Steve and I took full advantage of the beautiful day by taking a long walk. It was stimulating to have fresh air in the lungs and be around other people just as excited for the nice weather. I even saw crocuses blooming throughout the neighborhood, which gives me hope that my own spring bulbs will bloom soon.

We’re in full garden-planning mode now and are coming up with lots of ideas for our modest plot. My coworker gave me a lilac bush to contribute to our building up the yard. I just need to dig a big hole to plant it and find some other companion shrubs at a local nursery. However, despite the mild temperatures this weekend, I know we’re still susceptible to some more of the white stuff!


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