5 Things I Like About Winter

I am very happy that we turn the calendar to March tomorrow. We’re just a month away from spring bulbs blooming and Easter candy eating! Can’t we just skip March?

While we enjoy at least another few weeks of winter (and snow tonight!?!) I will try to focus on some of the fun things about winter, many of which I have mentioned in this blog in the last few months:

1. Moccasins: These have been the highlight of my winter. I channeled my inner forty year old and bought a pair of camel suede mocs on Lands’ End in December. They are so comfortable and warm! I think I am sold for life. I am tempted to buy a pastel color for spring. Who needs Uggs?

2. Good movies: As I mentioned, Steve and I saw several of the Oscar-nominated movies this winter. It was fun to settle into a movie theater, munch on popcorn and Milk Duds, and watch a great flick. While I am a bit tired of movie going now, I am really excited to see the new Harry Potter movie this summer!

3. Snow days: If it does snow tomorrow, it will be a perfect snow day. No work, no school, not commitments. Just a day to stay inside, play games, and watch junk TV. We haven’t had a good one yet this winter.

4. Projects: I am not sure if I am more or less productive in the winter, but I do love going to the fabric store and visualizing big projects. I am putting the finishing touches on my summer quilt now, pics to come!

5. Football: I already miss football on Saturday nights and Sundays, though I have to admit I am very excited for baseball to begin and am glad to have a break from full days of football. But the NFL playoffs help me get through January and I notice the immediate void when the season ends.

I am having a bit of trouble with this list because I have been rather negative about winter lately. I am sick of dry skin, short days, cold wind, leafless trees, scarves and mittens, and salty roads. But the NCAA tourney is not far away, so I guess I’ll have another sporting event to help me through some more blustery weekends!


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