Vintage Glassware

I am feeling a bit more calm, cool, and collected after finishing all of the work for my one-credit financial reporting class. The good news is that I can enjoy my Sunday without any more homework.

Because of my nuts schedule as of late, I have been zapped of my creative posting juices. Therefore, I am almost a week late in posting pictures of the new (but vintage) glassware I received last Monday from my grandmother in Portland, Ore.

I love this set of crystal glassware because it is around one-hundred years old but still looks very contemporary. The set included all sorts of small glasses, and I’ll have to research the official names of each glass (I don’t think mint-julippy-kinda glass is the accurate name of one of them, although I’ve been referring to it that way.)

I particuarly covet this gift from my grandmother because I never expected to get many family heirlooms when I decided to settle on the East Coast after college. Although it is a bit impractical to send a giant box filled with crystal or even a rocking chair (which I received a few years ago) these family hand-me-downs are very special to me.

I have to thank my mom for making the effort to ship these items over to PA.


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