A Crochet Glasses Case

Two things converged this week to inspire me to whip up this project. First, Steve gave me The Friday Night Knitter’s Club book for Christmas and, while taking breaks from my grad school-heavy reading list, I motored through it in the last few weeks. While reading the book (a bit saccharine but good for entertainment) I was itching to work with yarn. So, last Saturday I got out my stash of nice boutique yarn that I purchased in the summer and tried to think of a small project to keep me busy (but not too busy!). And the last thing I wanted to make was another scarf. While thinking of a small-scale project, I realized that I needed a case to hold my sunglasses in my purse, since I have to buy new sunglasses all of the time because I don’t take care of them.

Viola! That’s how my idea for crocheting an eye glasses case came to be.

I am pretty happy with the final product (I especially like the ruffle edging) and think I may continue with crochet for the next few weeks, given that my sewing projects are much more time consuming and I have to be in my workroom for those projects. With crochet, I can sit in front of the good ol’ tube and catch up on my Martha‘s or watch some ESPN. It’s a good way to multitask in my free time and keep me relaxed.


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