One More Project Finished

I couldn’t wind down last night so after Steve went to bed I worked well into the wee morning hours to finish my latest project. I started Amy Butler’s Patchwork Handbag a month or so ago but didn’t finish it until recently for several reasons.

However, I am very excited to display my finished product here. I hope to use this bag in the springtime, once we’re not wearing heavy wool jackets. It’s fun to already have a spring accessory to gaze at to remember there are warmer times ahead!

Oh, and I am also excited about a purchase I made yesterday. I bought Joelle Hoverson’s Patchwork + Quilted Gifts, and I look forward to making a summertime quilt for Steve and me using one of her patterns, and I am very excited about some of the baby gift ideas, as I have been looking forward to finding that “go-to” baby gift for a few months.

Steve and I will continue our January lounge fest today, so I hope to start my kimono as well as work on my statsitics homework . . . go probability!!! But we’re really counting down to 3 p.m. EST today too. Can’t wait to watch the game!


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