2008: Looking Back & 2009: Looking Forward

I realize we are now five days into the new year, but I haven’t had the opportunity to post sufficiently since we rang in the new year (and I celebrated my third anniversary!).  I wanted to take the time to look back on my accomplishments of last year and I also wanted to document some of my goals/ideas for 2009.

2008 events that I wish to recognize (among other things I can’t remember):

  • Working on my perennial garden
  • Sewing fun and hip projects (thanks Amy Butler and Cloth & Bobbin!)
  • Reading The House of Mirth as well as eleven other books that are not graduate-school related
  • Attending a taping of Martha
  • Traveling to visit my brother in Montana, visiting my friend’s parents in the Finger Lakes, hosting friends and family throughout the year, and taking day trips to the Poconos and New York City
  • Spending time with Steve not related to just sitting around on the couch (but I like those times too!)
  • Eating more organic and local foods
  • Starting this blog!

2009 goals and ideas:

  • Finish graduate school
  • Travel to the Caribbean, Chicago, and Las Vegas
  • Work on more projects, including ones from patterns and ones from my head
  • Seize career opportunities
  • Watch more movies
  • Attend concerts and other arts and culture events
  • Continue to enjoy life!

So there you go! I look forward to tracking my life throughout the year on my blog and hope that, when I look at my blog at this time next year, I will be impressed with all that I accomplished. I hope you take time to look back and plan ahead too!


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