Post-holiday Projects

I am never allowed to complain about being bored. Right now, I have so many ideas running through my head about projects and other things to do that I don’t ever see how I’ll ever be sitting around twiddling my thumbs.

Sometimes I think the post-holiday time of year is the best time. I have stacks of books I can’t wait to read, I have home decoration ideas for after the holiday decorations are packed away, and I have oodles of nonholiday- and nongift-related projects.

I’ve posted a few pics related to post-Christmas winter projects that I have already started.

First, Steve and I enjoyed spending a few gift cards this weekend to revive our somewhat neglected bedroom. I decided that, since we’ll be celebrating our third wedding anniversary this week, it was time to take down our wedding pictures in the bedroom. We’ve enjoyed so many activities and moments together since our wedding day that I don’t want to be held to that one moment in time forever (although we had one heck of a wedding). We also took down the big gawky mirrors on our hand-me-down dresser and bought a much smaller, sleeker mirror;  framed the card I received from Steve for our anniversary last year that features a Ward Hooper print of Idaho Sweetheart Coffee; and ditched a lot of the clutter on our dresser. These small changes really make our room seem bigger and much more put together.

Second, in addition to sprucing up rooms in the house before my parents arrive in a few days, I am super excited to begin working on some new craft/art projects in 2009. Given that I am only six months away from finishing graduate school, I am salivating at the idea that I may actually have time to work on some large-scale projects again in the near future. Therefore, I am coveting my new project journal given to me by my brother and his girlfriend. Not only is the journal appropriate for my interests, it features art from Nikki McClure, an artist from Olympia, Washington, where my brother went to college. I absolutely love her artwork and, as you can see by a picture I posted, I have long displayed art from one of her old calendars in our bedroom.


1 thought on “Post-holiday Projects”

  1. I’m all caught up on the blog…very fun! I like your new mirror and love the picture of Abe! See you soon!

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