Holiday Wrap-up

Well, I can tell that I am ready to move on from Christmas. So far, I’ve spent the morning cleaning out mail bins, updating my iPod, writing thank-you notes, and loading pictures onto my new digital photo frame. After I am finished with this post, I plan to make sure we stop getting paper statements on our bills. I figure I might as well start new year’s resolutions now.

We may be hosting people tomorrow night and my parents are visiting next week, so there’s no time like the present to begin tidying and updating rooms.

I hope to start some new projects this weekend: I’ve cut out a few pieces of fabric for a new purse and am really excited because my local fabric store will be having a 20 percent off everything sale next week when my mom arrives in town.

However, before I completely move on from the holiday, let me go over a few highlights:

Christmas Eve was nice: we made Peanut Soup (a family tradition) and mushroom and cheese brioche (see pics below).

Christmas day was low-key: we opened presents in the afternoon, ate a tasty polenta eggplant lasagna and a simple tiramisu.

Overall, Steve and I had a great time making the last month festive and fun. I am looking forward to January and hope to exercise more, read more, and relax more. We’ll see how it goes!


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