A Little College Football Rant

Last night I had the pleasure of watching a Boise State game on television, which is always a treat for me because the team is rarely televised nationally. It was so fun to see the team, and they have been so great this year. I mean, they’re undefeated after all!

However, it’s frustrating that, in all likelihood, they will not make a BCS bowl game because Utah is undefeated too (before I can whine too much, though, the Broncos need to win against Fresno next week). I really hope the BCS system undergoes a makeover in the next few years so the Broncos have the opportunity to be on the national stage at a greater level in the future. The team’s earned it!


1 thought on “A Little College Football Rant”

  1. Consolation Prize???

    A few whispers in Boise are about a possible Bowl Game matchup with the other unloved (relatively) and undefeated (pending upcoming games) mid-major — Ball State. If it happens this will make for some fun references from David Letterman, BSU’s (the Indiana one) most famous alum.

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